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Beauty in the Breakdown
it's so amazing here
so... I've lost the novel I was writing. Fairwell livelihood.… 
9th-Jun-2009 09:27 pm
party naked!
so... I've lost the novel I was writing.

Fairwell livelihood.

Because of stupid spyware, I've decided to start uploading novel bits as I go.  They're going to be repeated as I edit and I'm offering it up to youz guys if you're interested.  I may also post fanfics and such there because I've had inspiration in verses that I haven't had to create singlehandely lately. 
spelchckdesird is what it's called, and I think it's appropriately named.  I only ask that you don't steal any.  Like really, please don't.  I intend on using the original stuff later on.  Actually... I may make those private.  Anyways, I'm going to go set that up now and mourn over the loss of my novelinprogress.

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